Kiddie Couture Rental Service Allows Kids to Wear Designer Clothes for a Fraction of the Cost

Dress your little guy in Gucci and your darling daughter in Dior? At these kiddie couture prices, yes, please!


If you’re among the 99 percent ? which is to say those who would never bump into Gwyneth Paltrow or Katie Holmes while shopping for your kids’ clothes ? then you know you would never spend more than two figures for anything that your tyrannical tots will wear no more than twice without puking on or pooping in, or just plain outgrowing.


But still. There are those times, such as family weddings or a friend’s bar mitzvah, where you just have to get your kids all gussied up. And you dread it. Because if you can’t find anything for sale at Baby Gap and the local thrift store has nothing but, well, thrift, you’re going to be faced with a serious dent in your wallet.


Until now, that is. A new service called Borrow Mini Couture lets you rent high-end labels for your kids at a fraction of what it would cost to purchase them.


But the very best part? The clothing is insured, just waiting for the inevitable to happen ? spit-up setbacks, diarrhea debacles, sippy cup spills, dirt disasters and the like.


You simply browse through their website, pick a size and delivery date (shipping is free! both ways!), and before you know it, your little one will be the most stylish kid on the block in Hugo Boss, John Galliano, Versace and more than 20 other high-style designers.


Prices on the racks are as high as $2,000, but at Borrow Mini Couture they’re as low as $30 for a 5-day rental.


According to ABC News, the company deals “directly with wholesalers and designers to stock up on the latest fashion-forward frocks.”


The service started after co-founders Heidi and Alex Lieske spent $300 dressing their 1-year-old son for a wedding a few years ago ? an outfit that he outgrew a week later.


All parents ? probably even the wealthiest among us ? know that very particular stinging feeling when you dress your child in an outfit only to have them soil or otherwise sully it within minutes of its initial outing. You can’t blame your kid for being a kid (although you know you secretly do anyway), but it still burns as the vision of the receipt flashes in your head.


If you’ve got it, flaunt your kids in it. But if you don’t, a service like this is nothing short of a manna from heaven. If only the company would also clean the kid in addition to the clothes, although that’s what babysitters and grandparents are for.