My New Year’s Resolution: To Grow Longer Hair

My New Year’s resolution rarely involves improving or making adjustments to my outer self unless it comes to my hair. I’m a little ashamed to admit, but I resolve for longer hair. I know, I know. I suppose it’s nothing to be ashamed of. If it was, the hair weave and extension industry wouldn’t be so bankable.


My hair isn’t short by any means. It’s mid-back length, and my hair is as thick as it is long. I’m not complaining but like every woman I know, I’m obsessed with what I don’t have. So every year for the past three to four years, I’ve been resolving for longer hair. (I’m rolling my eyes as I type.) When I think about it, its so silly but not really. I have made so many lifestyle changes and not to mention product changes to reach “long hair don’t care” or in my case, “longer hair don’t care” status.


I hear the smug hair enthusiasts saying “You shouldn’t wish for longer hair, wish for heathy hair.” In my case, I have always had pretty healthy hair. Its full and definitely considered long to others. So I quietly complain to myself or try to make a convincing argument, again to only myself, that longer hair would be even more time consuming. Currently, my hair can taking about 24 hours to air dry in very humid Houston, TX. Luckily and thankfully, I have gotta my wash day routine under two hours, and that’s was by the skin of my teeth.


I wish I could say that this year is different that I’m not resolving for longer hair; longer hair is NOT one of my resolution. Oh! But I would be lying. I’ve been at it for so long, I have a better game plan for more length retention. Length retention is the act of maintaining your ends so that growth is noticeable. You see, everyone’s hair is growing. Some people’s hair grows faster than others, but the average hair growth rate is about 6 inches a year. Most people never see that growth because of (what I call) hair mishaps. Hair mishaps can be split ends, normal breakage, various internal factors, various external factors and etc. Everyone’s hair, lifestyle, and regimen are different but all of these factor can effect your hair.


With so many factors effecting hair growth and this being among my 3rd or 4th year resolving for longer hair, what makes this year different? This year I won’t be such an hair extremist. Meaning I won’t completely omit any one thing from my hair regimen such as heat or certain products. Singling out one particularly hair practice can be counterproductive. Like everything in life there has to be balance. I plan to focus on the balance my healthy hair journey with my healthy lifestyle. Well, let’s see what happens.