It Is Possible To Improve Focus And Here’s How!

Science has revealed that we have an attention span of merely eight seconds, and that means, we clock in below a goldfish! Microsoft concluded in a 2015 study that this is due in part to the fact that we are faced with information overload online and constantly seeking out the next piece of information. Fortunately, the right tools and the correct mindset can help counteract this modern problem.

Prepare Yourself

Before setting out to complete a task, prepare yourself and your mind. Take a few minutes to relax and get your focus in check. Almost like putting yourself into a meditative state, breathe in and out slowly. When you begin working on a task, fill your mind with what needs to be done and don’t think about anything else.

For some people, aligning their focus is done daily. However, if you choose to think and plan, take the time to create your goals for the month ahead. This will ensure that you have set your focus on where it needs to be.

Give Yourself Downtime

Why does everyone lose focus, you ask? Constantly checking email and social media can lend itself to preoccupying your mind with other things. Give yourself some downtime where you do something relaxing and step away from the computer. 30 minutes per day is more than enough to gather mindfulness.

Create The Perfect Environment

Regardless of what activity you have to do, you can improve focus by working on creating the right environment for the task at hand. Get rid of noise and distractions that may impact your ability to pay attention. A recent study has also suggested that people have trouble focusing when a room is either too hot or too cold. Using an AC unit or a heater when necessary can improve your brain function.

Doodle It Out

Doodling is still a thing, and not just for kids anymore! Adults are finding that coloring books and doodling both help cleanse the mind, focus attention and relieve undue stress. Give yourself a break when you start to feel your mind wander and come back to the activity when you’ve had some time to unwind.

It is possible to improve focus without the use of nootropics. However you can learn about nootropics just be reading different articles on the subject. It all comes down to discipline and self-control when you feel your attention slipping. Our modern world requires instant gratification and forces us to stay tuned in constantly, but let yourself unwind and do an activity you enjoy for a few minutes every day!

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