What Are Cognitive Enhancers?

If you didn’t already know, cognitive enhancers are also known as nootropics and they are used by those who are trying to improve their concentration as well as alertness and even memory. Additionally, cognitive enhancers readily promote wakefulness and boost your energy. Our article goes further into the topic of cognitive enhancers.

As of lately, there are quite a few different cognitive enhancers available. However, some exist in the form of a regular pharmaceutical drug that has been engineered to deal or rather aid with conditions such as attention disorders, narcolepsy and to help retain focus and attention. Just like any other drug, cognitive enhancers are easily misused as people try to improve their overall cognitive performance.

Additionally, there are several claims which strongly suggest that the cognitive performance and process increased in those who have an already strong one. However, this wasn’t the case and they were at serious risk for health problems. It should be noted that cognitive drugs do aid with boredom while it masks fatigue and significantly reduces procrastination habits; it does not increase intelligence and the effects only stay for the period where the drug is still in the system.

And while some benefits can occur, these drugs cause a serious dependency along with various side effects. Most of the time, younger persons are harmed when they use these drugs since their brains continue to develop way into their mid-twenties. Cognitive drugs are also known as drive drugs, nootropics, brain boosters, smart drugs, neuroenhancers and of course, memory boosters.

When it comes to how they work, there is still a significant amount of research being done on how they stimulate the mind. However, studies thus far have been quite inconclusive and earlier research has suggested that it can affect more than one system at the same time. Hence, blood flow to the brain may be increased and the brain then uses much more oxygen.

Additionally, cognitive enhancers have been known to significantly increase an individual’s adrenaline levels and give them the same effect as if they drank a huge amount of caffeinated beverages. This serves for causing them to stay awake for longer periods. However, these drugs can cause a dependency since chemicals like dopamine are released into the part of your brain that controls dependency.

As we conclude, we have just looked at what cognitive enhancers are. Keep in mind that they can cause you to become dependent after some time. So, be sure to talk with your health care provider before taking these drugs!

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